Anonymous said: Hi 😊 I love your t'andromeda thingymabob. If you wouldn't mind, may you please post some of the fics that you have about her? Or things about when she was growing up on the enterprise. Thanks

I’ve had a couple of asks all on the same thing so I’m just gonna answer them here - the fic isn’t actually finished yet, real life has been pretty hectic for shimmy and I but things are letting up soon and hopefully we’ll be able to get back to work on the fic and have it ready to post :)

brain: hey you need to practise intense emotional expressions

brain: why don’t you draw your faves crying

brain: there’s no way you’re going to regret this

there was gonna be a whole series of this including more than just pretty white dudes but I got myself too emotional listening to sad music whoops

terribad scan is terribad so clockwise: charles, aos!jim, steve, tos!jim

I promised this to spicyshimmy literally months ago and only just found it again I am literally the dirt friend I am so sorry please forgive me

but YEAH I realised I’d never drawn uhura with the lil space babba and had to rectify that immediately

painted this for the wedding of some friends - it was a challenge, not gonna lie, but they got it printed up on a canvas and it came out really nice so I was pretty chuffed

Anonymous said: Imagine Bucky soon after Steve finds him, getting his first real sleep in decades

Anonymous said: imagine bucky in a tattoo parlor au


Imagine Charles walking in on Erik having a princess dress up tea party with six year old Jean and seven year old Ororo.

erik got ambushed by an emergency tea party on his way to meet charles and even supervillians know that when a kid hands you a plastic cup and tells you it has tea in you drink it

When he heard the first bamf, indicating Azazel leaving the base late that evening, Erik was not surprised. Mystique had taken the man aside earlier in an oddly furtive manner, and whilst Erik had been content to let them keep their business to themselves, he’d filed the moment away in his mind, just in case. He’d learnt from experience that you could never be too cautious.

The first bamf woke him, and he lay waiting, tense, for the Russian’s return for about fifteen minutes before the sound was repeated and the distinctive sulphuric smell filled the air again. 

Immediately he was on his feet and resting his head lightly against the thin wall separating his and Mystique’s quarters. Azazel’s usually bored tone was surprisingly soft, a low muffled rumble, but Erik caught the words “paraplegic” and “wheelchair” before Mystique’s anguished wail drowned them out.


this was originally meant to be charles and raven in some sort of uni au but charles’ colour scheme and outfit looked so boring next to raven’s that I swapped him out for azazel

being a starship captain isn’t easy but having a cute vulcan as your first officer and girlfriend sometimes makes things less difficult