I’m so in denial don’t look at me

don’t mind me I’m just missing the days of arrogant-but-adorable-idealistic-puppy!charles and probably-still-just-about-counts-as-an-anti-hero-if-you-squint!erik

t’androma knows its not logical for her adopted uncle, the doctor, to stick a little strip of plastic down carefully over the dark pink regenerator scar on her leg - that it won’t make the small wound heal faster, nor will it remove the lingering ache - but she cannot deny that, somehow, having it there makes her feel better. 

sorry this took a while, anon, but thank you so much because cisswapped!nat was a seriously fun prompt. I chucked in a bit of cute cisswapped!steve for you too because of reasons


"five galleons says hufflepuff wins the game tomorrow," drawls bucky, hooking his broom over his shoulders and shooting steve and sam a smug look.

“hell no, you won’t,” says sam. “ten says gryffindor.” he’s rolling his beater’s bat between his hands; they’re watching the end of the ravenclaw team’s practice, but the sun has gone down and it’s getting dark. they’ll be calling it quits soon.

“you wish, buck,” scoffs steve. “clint’s a good seeker, but i’m lighter and faster than he is and i’ll outfly him any day.” he pushes his glasses up his nose.

“pepper beat you to the snitch last week,” bucky points out.

“pepper’s not playing tomorrow,” steve retorts. “gryffindor’s gonna win. besides me and sam being awesome, we all know maria is the best keeper in the school. and you’ll have to contend with sharon to get anything past her anyways.”

” okay, i can’t argue with that. maria and sharon are both incredible,” admits bucky. “but thor is gonna give you a run for your money, sam. dude can hit a bludger all the way to the forbidden forest from here.you’d better watch out.”

“he can bring it on,” declares sam. bucky’s about to retaliate when natasha breezes by, broom slung over her shoulder.

“practice is over,” she says, stopping to talk for a moment and propping her free hand up on her hip. “are you ready for the big game tomorrow?”

“of course we’re ready,” bucky tells her proudly, and she grins at him.

“good,” she says. “just be glad you’re not playing me tomorrow, cause you’d be picking the grass out of your teeth for a week.” she waves at them delicately as she turns away and starts the walk back up to the castle.

“damn,” says sam.

“she made me eat grass once,” bucky tells them. “it was incredible flying. i’ve never been so excited about waking up in the hospital wing, so naturally, we’re best friends now.”

“aaaand barnes has the quaffle - oh, there’s thor, beating off beautifully, i could watch that boy beat off all day - but his bludger fails to shake carter, who’s on barnes’ tail like -“

“miss lewis -“

“i’m sorry professor fury, if you’re reading into my words that’s really more on you than me - barnes scores, ten points to hufflepuff! booyah!”

erik being unable to forgive himself for crippling charles and awkwardly trying to help him as a sort of personal penance is a fic trope I am 100% here for 

isn’t it funny how the xmen fandom are hideously desperate to redeem characters like azazel and erik and yet angel is almost completely ignored

and by funny I mean gross

hello friends I have added a bunch of new stuff to my redbubble, including those tos motivational stickers, so go check it out!!


motivating tos triumvirate! thinking about making these into stickers or a postcard

dedicated to searchingforspock, hope these can cheer you up <3

now available on my redbubble

motivating tos triumvirate! thinking about making these into stickers or a postcard

dedicated to searchingforspock, hope these can cheer you up <3