Anonymous said: just dropping by to comment about the drawing of the OC vulcan couple because mY GOOD LORD they're gorgeous and I figured it was about time i told you YOUR ART IS GREAT HOLY MOLY

EEK THANK YOU?? I am amazed and slightly bewildered by how much positive feedback I’ve got on those two ladies I hope you guys will like them as much when you meet them in the fic!

an as-yet-unnamed lovely young vulcan couple from the fic shimmy and I are writing - I find drawing oc’s really helps me get to know them. they’re ambassadors; the tiaras were given to them as gifts from a particularly friendly race they keep in close contact with. popped them in a pair of slightly tweaked gorgeous alexander mcqueen dresses because I have the enthusiasm but, alas, not the talent for fashion design. 

for that au where pike raised jim - dorky teacher pike falling for the gorgeous lawyer who lives in the first house on their street, but not knowing her name so when jim teases him about her/whines about him flirting with her, he refers to her as “number one”, and the nickname kinda sticks

rabidchild67 replied to your post “Kirk’s Instagram - great idea and execution!”

SECONDED! Every time I see it come across my dash it makes me smile

ahhh thank you! eeek you guys are so sweet

anifanatical said: Hello~ I just wanted to let you know that your Jim AOS/TOS Instagram drawings are the best thing in existence and that you are a god. Thank you for existing.

omg thank you I’ve had it sitting in my drafts folder for weeks because I wasn’t happy with it and I only posted it yesterday because I gave up on trying to edit it so everyone loving it so much is a big surprise haha

irvinis said: Kirk's Instagram - great idea and execution!

ahhh, thanks! that’s really sweet :)

Anonymous said: i would love to read your star trek/heros au

ahh I’m glad but I’m really not sure when (or even if :( ) its gonna happen - shimmy and I are working on another fic at the moment and its fairly slow going because we’re both pretty busy, but if we ever finish that one we’ll start work right away on the heroes au and let all you guys know about it :)

tos triumvirate in the style of bbc’s musketeers! big thank you to shimmy and peti without whose encouragement and love this would never have gotten further than me screeching about how I can’t draw hats <3

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what if aos kirk updated his space-instagram when he ended up in the tos universe?

watched the avengers this afternoon with mama and halfway through me drawing this she leaned over my shoulder and was like “is that jesus”

not quite, mum